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A supplement for the long run

If your workouts are regular and you’re thinking about progressing to medium-length or extremely long workouts, Beta-Alanine is a must-have supplement for you. Consistent Beta-Alanine intake can give you tremendous support if your workouts are intense and long lasting.

Beta-Alanine consumption boosts muscle carnosine levels therefore increases the amount of work you can perform at high intensities, in addition, it gives your body a tingling sensation - similar to the effect of caffeine - to switch to total beast mode. Lazar Nutrition Beta-Alanine provides you with 6000 mg of Beta-Alanine per serving, so you are guaranteed to feel an explosive improvement in your endurance.

Endurance and strength - this is Beta-Alanine

Beta-alanine is different from the other amino acids. It is not used by the body to synthesize proteins, but to produce carnosine. But why is carnosine so important? 

During high-intensity exercise, lactic acid is formed in the muscles, as a result of which the pH of the blood decreases and acidification begins. This is one of the main causes of muscle fatigue. When this acid accumulates, the contraction and strength of the muscles decreases, so the movement cannot continue with the same intensity. Therefore, the body uses buffers to cope with acidity, and one of these buffers is called carnosine.

Now you can quite logically think that carnosine needs to be replaced then, but it is more complicated than that. The best way to raise carnosine levels is not to take carnosine from an external source, as the body breaks it down sooner than it would reach the muscles and could affect endurance.

Carnosine consists of histidine and beta-alanine. The body has a lot of histidine but less beta-alanine. Therefore, the degree of beta-alanine deficiency determines the amount of carnosine. Carnosine levels can increase with regular exercise too, but this is very genetically limited. That is why we need to raise the level of beta-alanine in our body in order to increase the production of carnosine.

Supplementing with beta-alanine has been shown to elevate carnosine levels in muscles by 80%!!! If you’re looking for one of the most effective yet natural performance enhancers, you’ve now found it. For athletes, beta-alanine is the most important dietary supplement for endurance and strength, but its additional benefits are not negligible, as it also has antioxidant properties, it slows down the aging process of cells. Maximize your workouts and switch to intensive mode!

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