Essential Amino Powder - 390g
Essential Amino Powder - 390g
Essential Amino Powder - 390g
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Essential Amino Powder - 390g

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Essential to your body, essential to your progress

Maximize muscle building with a complex essential amino acid formula from Lazar Angelov Nutrition. Everyone now knows that it is extremely important to get the right amount and quality of protein for muscle building, but there is much less talk about the important role that amino acids play in this process. This EAA complex drink powder provides you with all 9 essential amino acids for professional-grade development. Don’t let your nutrient intake hinder you from achieving your goals - this product is essential for you!

9 components to finally level up

 There are nearly 300 amino acids present in nature, but we humans need 20 of them. Of these 20, 9 amino acids can only be ingested from our diet, making them essential for the healthy functioning of our bodies. Yes, they are essential for us but even with the best diets for athletes, it is questionable whether the body is given the amount it needs under intense exercise. And it is especially important for athletes and bodybuilders to consume extra amounts of EAA in order for muscle development to be effective. Essential amino acids all play an important physiological function in our body and support your work, raising your endurance to a higher level.

Your 9 helpers - all included in this product:

#1 Leucine (BCAA): 

Leucine promotes muscle strength and growth and helps maintain lean muscle.

#2 Isoleucine (BCAA): 

Plays an important role in muscle development and regeneration.

#3 Valine (BCAA): 

Helps in the process of energy supply, regulates blood sugar levels.

#4 Lysine: 

It plays an important role in the synthesis of proteins and the formation of collagen.

#5 Phenylalanine: 

It is converted to another amino acid, tyrosine, which is needed for various brain compounds such as adrenaline.

#6 Threonine: 

Supports the health of the immune system, liver, heart and central nervous system.

#7 Methionine: 

Reduces the risk of various joint problems and inflammations.

#8 Histidine:

It helps in detoxification and the production of red and white blood cells, which are necessary for healthy health and immunity.

#9 Tyrptophan:

It plays a role in the production of serotonin, thus contributing to mental health.

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